Repetitive Monitoring of Dynamic Phenotype Changes

In Vivo visualization of dynamic molecular & cellular mechanisms

  • Cell differentiation, cell subpopulation
  • Dynamic remodeling of imaging targets
Longitudinal In Vivo Imaging of Cellular-level Dynamic Phenotype Changes Inside the Living Body
  • IVIM Technology’s contract R&D service provides high-quality repetitive observations using imaging chambers.
  • Repetitive intravital imaging of cellular-level dynamics & tissue remodeling inside the living body in vivo will provide you a new insight in the processes of human disease development.
Dynamic Changes in Acute Injury Models

Immune cell dynamics in LPS-induced sepsis

  • Immune cell dynamics in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome
  • Immune cell sequestration in acute respiratory distress syndrome

Immune cell behaviors in various ischemia-reperfusion injury models (hepatic / renal / myocardial ischemia-reperfusion, ischemic stroke, hindlimb ischemia)

Immune cell recruitment to irritated spot

  • Cell dynamics in irritated tissue after high-power laser irradiation
  • Wound-healing process at puncture
  • Cell dynamics at toxic chemical-induced injury site
Dynamic Changes in Chronic Disease Models

Phenotype changes in MCD (methionine and choline deficient)-diet induced NAFLD/NASH (nonalcoholic fatty liver/nonalcoholic steatohepatitis)

  • Hepatic lipid droplet accumulation
  • Immune cell recruitment, hepatocyte necrosis/apoptosis

Phenotype changes in liver/lung fibrosis model

  • Excessive collagen deposition
  • Fibrotic stage (number of septa, etc.)
  • Immune cell recruitment, hepatocyte/alveolar epithelial cell death
Dynamic Changes in Tumor Models

Changes in vascular morphology and vascular permeability
Tumor cell growth, tumor cell death
Tumor cell dissociation
Formation of circulating tumor cells, tumor metastasis

Dynamic Changes in Brain Disease Models

Changes in BBB penetration
Changes in target accumulation in brain tissue
Changes in cortical capillaries, vascular permeability & vessel diameter
Changes in pericyte coverage
Immune cell recruitment to inflammatory / damaged spot
Tissue cell apoptosis & phagocytosis