In Vivo Monitoring of Drug Efficacy & Action
  • IVIM Technology’s contract R&D service provides a direct imaging analysis of delivery to target tissue and cells, efficacy, and mode of action (MOA) of new therapeutic candidates  in microscopic cellular-level in various preclinical model of human disease.
Therapeutic Candidates Facilitating or Inhibiting Angiogenesis

Vessel normalization by anti-angiogenic therapeutic candidates

  • Disease model : Tumor, acute/chronic inflammation, retinopathy, etc.
  • Therapeutic candidates : Anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory drug, etc.
  • Observations : Changes in vessel morphology, vessel diameter, vessel density, vascular permeability, blood flow rate, etc.

Angiogenesis in target cell transplanted site or ischemic regions

  • Disease model : Ischemia-reperfusion injury model, islet cell/stem cell transplantation model, etc.
Efficacy Monitoring of Other Therapeutic Candidates

Changes in tumor cell growth/death/metastasis after treatment of anti-tumor therapeutic candidates

Changes in fibrotic collagen deposition & immune cell recruitment after treatment of anti-fibrotic therapeutic candidates

Changes in drug delivery, uptake & absorption

Anti-inflammatory Therapeutic Candidates

Efficacy monitoring & MOA validation of anti-inflammatory therapeutic candidates

  • Disease model : Acute/chronic inflammation model, tumor model, etc.
  • Observations : Changes in microcirculation, tissue cell apoptosis, immune cell recruitment/motility/activity (phagocytosis), etc.
  • Tissue cells : Vascular endothelial cells, lymphatic endothelial cell, hepatocyte, kidney cell, astrocyte, etc.
  • Immune cells : Granulocyte, macrophage, neutrophil, dendritic cell, monocyte, microglial cell, NK cell, etc.

Real-time imaging of dynamic phenotype changes by treatment of therapeutic candidates

Quantitative comparison of groups